What Services I offer?

My goal simply put is 'make a difference." As an Enterprise Agile Evangelist and Professional Trainer at Inflectra and an Assistant Teaching Professor at Northeastern University, I continuously adopt the "scholar-practitioner" mindset. In my mind, practice exists to refine theory which reinvigorates constantly to bring innovation. So, I continue to support professionals in three different ways.

First, I support them by promoting the concepts of project management and agile principles regardless of the profession by promoting Projecting Leaders of Tomorrow (PLOT) initiative and extending them with the principles of Personal Agility. Therefore, my services include training, coaching, and mentoring.

Second, I promote the messages of positivity and productivity by engaging in Thought Leadership and Volunteering. Therefore, my services include talking in webinars and professional events, corporate training, and curriculum development.

Third, I train organizations on streamlining project delivery proceses, particularly using Inflectra's Spira family of products. Therefore, my services include referrals to Inflectra's product lines and training.

My Biggest Industry Recognition

PMI Eric Jennett Project Management Excellece Award, 2017

Sound Interesting?

Please check out my work spread throughout my page. Contact Through LinkedIn if you think I can help make a difference!