"Organized Common Sense" - What is unique about my book?

Life is full of activities that fill our time. These activities range from simple ones like brushing our teeth in the morning to more involved ones like choosing the college to pursue higher education. All our daily activities are made up of projects. People of all ages and walks of life are part of projects; some also manage them. Whether you are a parent teaching your toddler to walk or a college graduate looking for a job, you are leading a project that has a definite outcome to be accomplished within a specific timeframe. Unlike many people that think a project means building a bridge, developing software, or creating a video game, the principles of project management is a life skill from the day you are born. This book aims to simplify project management and rewrite it as a life skill rather than as a professional, strategic, or technical skill. These skills can be used in high schools, colleges, and any other walks of life.


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